Essential Information for Band Members and Prospective Members


The band rehearses on a Tuesday and Thursday evening 7.15pm-9.15pm in our own bandroom at the top of West Street Thurcroft.


If you are unable to attend a rehearsal please inform Matthew Wright (MD) so he can amend the rehearsal plan if necessary. You are encouraged to take music home to practice but please ensure that your music is in the bandroom for every rehearsal even if you are unable to attend.


The training band rehearses in the band room on Thursday evenings 6pm - 7pm before the main band practice.


Contact details are required by the Sheila Hancocks,  who sends details of amended rehearsal times, jobs and other notices usually by text, and sometimes e-mail.


For facebook users there is a public page which is used for advertising the band called Thurcroft Welfare Band. There is also a private page which is used to communicate just with band members. You need to be invited to join so please contact Kim Smith who will ensure that you are invited.


The website address is The website contains a list of the jobs currently booked.

Income and Subscription Rates

Income is made up from subs, grants and jobs.


Subs are £12.50 a month. It is best if you set up a standing order for this. Please contact Band Treasurer for the bands bank details. Alternatively payment can be made monthly in cash.


Subs are required from all band members. If paying subs would cause you difficulties please have a word with one of the committee members.



Thurcroft is a contesting band so you need to be registered. Diane Allison is the Contest secretary.


An instrument can be provided by the band if required. The instrument is insured for use on band business only. Personally owned instruments are not insured by the band.      

You must register your use of the instrument with Dave Edwards


Hilary Frost is in charge of uniforms. Three uniforms are used by the band.


Walking out uniform - Black blazer with a band tie. You need to provide your own black trousers, white long sleeved shirt and black shoes and socks to wear with this.


Concert uniform - Purple concert jacket with gold trim and a black bow tie. This is worn with a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes and socks which you must provide yourself.


Summer uniform - Mauve blouse for women and a black shirt for men embroidered with the band logo. No ties should be worn with these. You need provide your own black trousers and black shoes and socks to wear with this.


A fleece, embroidered with the band logo and polo shirts are ordered occasionally and may be purchased.

Running the band

Committee meetings are held about eight times a year. You would be very welcome to attend these – any help with running the band will be gratefully received.

The AGM is held in May. Current post holders are:--

Chairperson – Vacant

Vice Chair - Dan Oxtoby

Secretary - Sheila Hancocks

Engagements Secretary – Alan Edwards

Treasurer – Kim Smith

MD – Matthew Wright

Committee members – Janet Gibbins, Alan Harries, Malcolm Taylor, June Taylor,